A revolutionary coating for exceptional clarity and light transmission.
The HD coating can be used for every type of job except those that require solar protection for industrial use. Unlike any other lens, wearers forget they are protected by the HD coating. Its visible light transmission rate is 96% compared with 92% for conventional clear lenses.
Featuring a hydrophobic coating as standard, HD is a real polymer barrier and resists water and dirty marks.

HD innovation:
• Its 96% visible light transmission rate significantly improves perception and clarity.
• Eliminates the effect of “surface reflections” while providing 99.99% UVA/UVB and impact protection.
• The HD coating provides greater visual comfort than conventional clear lenses and has a significantly higher wearer acceptance rate.
• Technology that has been tested, approved and certified in the high-end optical industry. HD technology is exclusive to Bollé Safety.
• The HD lens features hydrophobic technology used in the automotive industry.
It guarantees perfect water resistance in very humid environments and improved visual acuity.
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