Payment security

Safety Advice

PayPal is the safer way to pay and be paid online, though sometimes it helps to know what to do in case something goes wrong. Read on to learn how to protect yourself from online hazards and what we can do to help.

Protection for Buyers

PayPal is the safer way to pay online. We keep your details safe from others and can help you get your money back if something ever goes wrong.

Protect yourself from online fraud

Top tips to stay safer with PayPal

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Why PayPal is safer

How we prevent your details falling
into the wrong hands

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Buyer Protection on eBay

Not what you expected? Your eBay
purchase is protected

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Buyer Protection off eBay

Item didn't arrive? We can protect
your purchase

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Need Help?

Having a problem? Use our solution finder to get help fast.

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Protection for Sellers

Occasionally, a payment can be taken out of your PayPal account or held in your account temporarily. Learn how to reduce the chances of this happening.

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Safety Tools

Stay one step ahead of phishing, fraudsters and identity thieves with these easy tools.

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